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Natural Marble Mastercrafted Luxury Dining Table

Natural Marble Mastercrafted Luxury Dining Table

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 Original Stone and Wood

  • 18mm Natural Marble, meticulously polished in every detail. As your fingers glide across the tabletop, you'll feel the unique warmth of marble, as if embraced by nature.
  • The table legs are constructed with 5mm thick steel plates, finely coated with paint.
  • The base is crafted from imported Thai Rubberwood, providing sturdy support to the dining table, ensuring a safe and reliable dining experience.


  • Each marble veneer tabletop is unique, with colors and patterns blending together to create distinctive artistic designs, making each dining table a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
  • To ensure safety and environmental friendliness, the dining table is coated with eco-friendly open paint that complies with the E1 standard for export to the European Union. It is free from harmful substances, ensuring a safe and comfortable dining experience.
  • Even in small living spaces, this dining table can comfortably accommodate up to six people, ensuring that you can host friends and family for joyful gatherings without feeling cramped.
  • Taking inspiration from bridge structures, there's ample space under the table to allow you to comfortably stretch your legs or casually cross them in your preferred seating position while enjoying a delightful meal.


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