About TriaXtone


The brand TriaXtone was founded by Apexstone Amoy Marble and Granite Co.,Ltd.. A company that was established in the stone industry 17 years ago, supplying stone products for both residential and commercial projects, luxury hotels, resorts, shopping centers, apartments and villas, plus supporting architectural projects in 42 countries world wide.

Over these years Apexstone has studied and dedicated its time to the fine art of stone fabrication. A team of Artisans, working with and along side a British Master Designer, Phillip Dutton White to create beautiful household artworks with a commitment to fabrication, quality, design and luxury, this is the very foundation that Triaxtone has been built upon.

Each collection has been carefully chosen and selected from a natural stone pallet, then subjected to the meticulous craft of the master carvers.

The collection from TriaXtone bring “Whispers millions of years old from Mother Earth” 


Master carver at work

A master carver at work, creating a true masterpiece and a tribute to one of the most beautiful cars ever produced by Bentley Motor Cars

A sixth generation family of carvers from Huián, with a long history of stone carving that can be traced back to the Song Dynasty 1,000 years ago. These artisans are dedicated to produce the highest quality carvings and we are proud to have them as part of our team. 

 an inspector for stone

One of the inspectors at work, using a torch trying to detect any defects on the final product, if any.