Bespoke products, start from the simple inscription or logo on our existing products or calling for the help of our genius chief designer Phillip Dutton-White to create exclusive and unique products according to your dream lifestyle.


  1. You can add an extra inscription to our existing product line, such as the family emblem, logo, or memory, etc.;
  2. You can change any pattern or carving according to the pattern you wish on any existing product;  
  3. You can replace some, or all of the marble stone materials from the selected “TriaXtone Color Palettes on the premise that you keep the existing shape; you can even specify the materials from the 2400 varieties of natural stones;
  4. We can manufacture items according to your requirements or drawings provided from any material specified within our range of stone;
  5. Furthermore, you can use the services of our genius chief designer Phillip Dutton-White to design an exclusive item for you. Either by email, phone, or by a face to face meeting, Phillip will make your dreams come true and custom design it to suit your lifestyle. His talents are not just limited to the range of household and furniture products shown by TriaXone. His portfolio includes complex and unique designs, for interior and exterior use, within homes of many famous actors, actresses, directors and producers in Hollywood California.


Bespoke products cannot be purchased or paid online. Please contact our sales personnel for more information regarding quotations, payment and delivery time.