Artist and designer Phillip Dutton-White has many interests. The range of his creativity is not just racing cars and their heroes, but includes many artistic subjects and titles across the world of art and design.

Here are some designs by Phillip Dutton-White and handmade by Apexstone’s artisans for clients in California. People who need and require bespoke luxury personalised creations made in natural marble.


Drawing for marble foutain with planterYellow marble fountian for garden

 A yellow marble carving fountain for outdoor garden.

 Yellow marble wall fountianElevation drawing for marble wall foutain

  A yellow marble carving wall fountain for outdoor garden.

 Drawing for marble pillar plaqueYellow marble carving for pillar plaque

 A yellow marble carving of a pillar plaque.

Yellow marble carving for kitchen hoodDrawing of marble kitchen hood

  A yellow marble kitchen hood.

Drawing for mantel front and side elevation

White marble carving for fireplaceDetail of lion head for carved white marble fireplace

  Side of carved white marble fireplaceSide view of carved white marble fireplace

 This is a bespoke design by Phillip Dutton White, an Oriental White marble carved fireplace mantel surrounds based on a childhood memory of the film “Citizen Kane” staring Orson Wells.

 Drawing for living room fireplace and hoodDrawing for living room fireplace

 Beige marble carved fireplace hoodDetail of carved yellow marble fireplace hood

  Front view of carved beige marble fireplace hoodDrawing for living room fireplace hood

  Front view of carved beige marble fireplaceDetail of carved beige marble fireplace

 A marble fireplace surround and hood carved from Galala Beige marble from Egypt.


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