Inspiration from Nature

Apollo and Daphne by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, a collection in the Borghese Gallery, Rome, Italy

Stone, nature's creation has been forged by millions of years of earth movement and geological sedimentation. The force of time, inscribed deeply in all parts of its evolution. Microstructures containing colorful decoration, mineral pigments, sparkling crystals and fossilized shell fish are imprints and shadows that make each piece totally unique.

As early as the “Stone Age” our ancestors were shaping this material to help them live, “tools for survival”. Then as mankind progressed they carved, shaped and breathed life into this geological marble. Man's creativity, his ideas, his words, his thoughts and love were shaped in stone, leaving us with a recorded history of time and objects of immense beauty. 

Triaxtone invite you to feel the artistry, to observe the beauty and elegance with your eyes, to listen to nature's stories with your ears and to explore its legends with your hearts.

The collection from TriaXtone brings “Whispers millions of years old from Mother Earth”.