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Fabulous Branches Dining Table

Fabulous Branches Dining Table

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A table base that recreates the organic growth form of roots that cascade, turn, bend and flow;  a stainless steel dining table base with its heritage in the past and its design in the future
"Good design from Mother Nature"

 ⭐ Features

  • Our designers went to Fujian, China to obtain materials and got inspiration from the aerial roots of the banyan tree.
  • The art of stainless steel restores the traditional art of root carving, which fully demonstrates TraiXtone’s understanding of nature and materials.
  • Hand-made branches.
  • Its characteristic is that it adds tranquility and connotation on the basis of minimalism and emphasis on function.
  • Excellence and high-quality materials are its advantages.
  • A stainless steel table base that emulates the growth of roots, cascading, bending, and flowing into one organic form, with its heritage in the past and its design in the future.

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  • Base size: 70 7/8" × 31 1/2" × 28 3/8"  1800 × 800 × 720 mm

  • Base material: Polished stainless steel

  • Weight without glass: 30 kgs / 120 lbs

  • Glass top size: 78 3/4" × 35 3/8" min to 102 3/8" × 47 1/4" max    2000 × 900 min to 2600 × 1200 max


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