Fabulous Branches Dining Table

Fabulous Branches Dining Table

Good design from nature

On the third day after creating day and night and the air, God created the land, sea, mountains, plains, flowers, grass, and trees.

With just three days, we welcomed a thriving planet, and this natural environment has followed us into the bizarre and diverse world of humans today. Our relationship with nature is constantly changing and evolving. But have you ever thought about looking at the beauty of the common people in a different way?



In daily life, aren't the objects around you all easily recognizable at a glance? This is the difference between daily necessities and works of art. Artworks are not static, but rather introverted, hidden, and even impenetrable. For example, when you look at a stainless steel table base like this, it contains the beauty of the growth of all things.
Viewed from different angles, it can resemble surging waves or soaring waterfalls, the roots of the earth sprawling on the ground, or the passionate flames of desire. The stainless steel sculpture lies like a crouching dragon, brimming with vitality and a sense of constant growth. It is a dynamic and lively work of art, with its cultural roots in the past and its design pointing towards the future.
the designer's design concept 
The designer's design philosophy is to merge industrial aesthetics with cultural heritage. Cultural heritage is a precious wealth left by our ancestors, and the designer has always been deeply influenced by the traditional art of root carving in his hometown of Fujian. Root carving is a type of tree root art, growing naturally and wild. It is a very natural product, but the designer also loves modern industrial design. For many years, the designer has been seeking a balance between these two forms of art.
Usually, aesthetic beauty is between the two arts. At this time, the material of stainless steel attracted the designer. If this material is used to simulate the branching of tree branches, it also has a natural and wild beauty. This crystal-clear beauty reflects everything and illuminates nature, which is exactly what the designer needs."
The origin of the design concept 

Inspired by these influences, the designer unexpectedly used stainless steel with a modern style to simulate tree root art. The wild and strange root carving collided strongly with the modern art style, forming a dynamic beauty. This beauty is not only a inheritance and breakthrough of traditional art, but also a fleeting glance of human beings towards nature. During the designer's root carving research in his hometown, he accidentally saw a moment of waterfall pouring down, and thought of the lifelike tree root art, which inspired his artistic creation.

Waterfall is a flowing form, a symbol of vitality and hope. Time gears interlock, and all things surge forward without stopping. It is a living image, a deep dialogue between tradition and modernity.




"Nature realizes its beauty through art, and it is achieved through human will." We cannot make waterfalls flow in reverse or control the growth of trees. Since we cannot let nature create beauty for us, let us create natural beauty ourselves. Look at the unique polishing process of stainless steel, we can be surprised to find that what we see in different environments and from different perspectives is unique and belongs to your own landscape. Just as light and shadow alternate in nature, you can also feel the fun of light and shadow changes on this stainless steel sculpture.





We know why we should appreciate art. Because in the world of art, the viewer becomes a part of it, and each person's cultural education leads to a different interpretation of the art. It's like forming individual artistic factors to recreate the art. In some ways, we are all creators of art, and likewise, it's also a personal experience of art.

Functionality and Aesthetics

Starting from the clay model, we begin to explore the relationship between nature and humanity




Although stainless steel appears to grow without any regularity like branches, in fact, these branches are all calculated and tested strictly by the designer in order to find the points of force and balance. Through repeated polishing, hammering, and leveling checks in the factory, the seemingly light and flexible stainless steel table legs can stably support an entire glass table top without tilting.





Imagine this work of art shining brilliantly in your home, reflecting your unique artistic style no matter what your decor or lighting. It is because we pursue high-quality materials and strive for perfection in polishing that this 3D curved surface can shine brilliantly from every angle. Everyone can define it and find their own unique beauty in this stainless steel sculpture - minimal, calm, and full of meaning. Nature makes everything beautiful, and the most beautiful thing is humanity itself: living in harmony with nature.
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