Super Light natural stone

Super Light natural stone

We have the technology to transform and manufacture marble into a SUPERLIGHT material.



Marble, Granite and other natural stones are very heavy weighing 2.7 times that of water. For example, a piece of 305 x 305 x 20 mm (12 "X12" X3 / 4 ") marble weighs 5 kg (11 lbs.).  TriaXtone products are superlight and far ahead of its competitors making our household products totally unique from other marble items. They are not only functional but decorative too. For example, the service tray was made from a marble slab cut to size 447mm x 260mm x 20mm (17 5 / 8 "x 10 1 / 4" x 3 / 4 "), which originally weighed 6.28 kg /13.8 lbs. The TriaXtone product, which includes solid brass handles, now weighs only 4.3 lbs. / 1.95 kg. The weight of this tray has been ergonomically designed and tested to ensure ease of use.


How do we make our product super-light?                         

First we remove weight and mass from the rear of the product. The rear is then laminated with a super-light aluminum honeycomb, a type that is widely used within the aviation industry. The overall appearance of the product looks exactly the same, but is now totally transformed into a super material and at the same time the product is reinforced to enhance the marble’s physical properties whilst making it safe to use within a household environment.


SUPERLIGHT technology is not only used in the manufacture of household products, but also applied to furniture range. Furniture marked SUPERLIGHT uses an aluminium honeycomb as its main structural material, replacing the use of plywood or MDF/HDF. Wooden materials such as walnut and mahogany are used only to enhance and apply luxurious decoration. The advantage of super-light furniture is that it is easy to move and install, in addition the weight advantage make it possible to be used in private jets and commercial aircraft.  It has a long service life especially in very humid conditions and environments such as on yachts at sea or within bathrooms and spas. It’s honeycomb construction means it will not warp or have any deformity.                                                                 

Please (click the link) to find out more regarding the difference between marble-aluminum furniture and traditional wooden furniture.


The limitation of technology - please follow our Maintenance guide and cautions to achieve a LIFETIME QUALITY ASSURANCE for your TriaXtone products.

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