TriaXtones products are fabricated in line and according to standards that are in line to a piece of fine art. Regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure that your product will hold its elegant and grand looks after decades of use. We continually investigate the latest and most advanced technologies worldwide which are available to protect our products from stain, corrosion and be damaged caused by moisture or contaminants. Accessories including handles and furniture stands, are made from brass or 304 food grade stainless steel by well-known Chinese artisans. These “art like” pieces are protected by an advanced coating process that will last years and maintain the shine, elegance, beauty and fine texture.


Furniture marked SUPERLIGHT uses an aluminium honeycomb as the main structural material, replacing the use of plywood or MDF/HDF. Wooden materials such as walnut and mahogany are used only to enhance and apply luxurious decoration. The advantages of “super-light” furniture is that it is easy to move and install, plus the weight advantage make it possible to be used in private jets and commercial aircraft.  It has a long service life in very humid conditions and environments such as on yachts at sea or within bathrooms and spas. It’s honeycomb construction means it will not warp or have any deformities. Please (click the link) to find out more regarding the difference between marble-aluminum furniture and traditional wooden furniture.


We provide a lifetime quality assurance with our TriaXtone product’s, as long as you comply fully with the maintenance guide and follow its instruction’s exactly.

If your product should be damaged please contact our customer service personnel to arrange a return or replacement.




  1. Avoid direct sunlight as UV damage can be caused to the product. In most cases it will lead to a discoloration of the marble and can cause structural damage if the UV exposure is high.

  2. FOOD CONTACT SAFE SEALERcannot completely resist stains, nor can it prevent corrosion by acid substances, such as lemon juice, wine or vinegar. It, however, plays a role in delaying there penetration, leaving time for you to clean up any spills. STAINLESS MARBLE can completely prevent the infiltration and corrosion of pollutants into the marble. Please pay attention to the alternatives when purchasing a product.
  3. FOOD CONTACT SAFE SEALER coating can effect the hydrophobic / water repellent ability of the surface. You can restore the product by cleaning with running water without the use of rubbing or wiping.
    • For stubborn stains that have been completely air dried, please use 99% alcohol applied to a soft fibre based material, then wipe with soft wet cloth. Do not use a hard material such as steel wool otherwise damage will be caused to the surface layer and make the protective ability invalid.
    • FOOD CONTACT SAFE SEALER will not prevent an oil-based marker from adhering or penetrating the surface. Please keep your product away from markers.
    • The effect ofthe FOOD CONTACT SAFE SEALER is not permanent and depends on the amount of daily use, generally it will last only for six months. You can purchase Nanoflex Ag from Apexstone to re-apply to totally restore the coating.
  4. The 716H ANTI-SCRATCH mark only refers to the product surface  to resist the 7h hardness in conventional test standards. That is to say, with the improvement of Triaxtone technology, the surface of the marble is similar to the scratch resistance of ordinary glass (Mohs 7) or quartz tops. The  scratch resistance is not able to resist scratches that are found in daily life from sharp iron tools or materials with Mohs hardness of 7 to 10 such as gravel, corundum and diamonds.

  5. STAINLESS MARBLEand 7H ANTI- SCRATCH  marking is only applied and valid to one surface where the product can is in contact with contaminants or can be damaged by daily use. Please do not expose the reverse surface to contaminants, acid or scratching.
  6. For cleaning handles or furniture stands we recommend that you use 99% alcohol applied to a soft fibrematerial and then wipe with a soft wet cloth. Do not use a hard material such as steel wool, otherwise damage will be made to the surface layer and make the protective ability invalid.




Natural stone is a very special yet delicate material therefore you should inform those who may come into contact or handle the product of its makeup and delicate nature:

  1. Warning: any product of TriaXtone cannot be cleaned by using a washing machine or dishwasher, this would cause product fragmentation and damage to your machines and could result in personal injury;

  2. Warning: any product of TriaXtone shall not be placed or heated in microwave or conventional oven, this would cause product fragmentation and damage to your machine and could result in personal injury;
  3. Warning: any TriaXtone product should not be immersed in water for more than 15 minutes, or in hot water that is above 80 ℃ or boiling water and The product must not be used in an environment that exceeds one (1) atmospheric pressure, or in steam or high salt steam, weak or strong acid or alkaline environmentsotherwise damage may be caused to the product. Personal injury may also occur if the product breaks due to any of the above conditions;
  4. Warning: unless the heat resistance temperature is clearly marked, the maximum heat resistance for the surface of a TriaXtone product is 100 ℃. Please do not place on the surface any object or item over 100 ℃ as this may cause damage or personal injury;
  5. Warning: Please keep the product away from any temperature or fire sources over 100 ℃, as the product can be damaged or in excessive cases cause personal injury;
  6. Warning: please make sure that TriaXtonesfurniture products are placed on a stable horizontal surface, otherwise it may slide or fall and cause injury to people or animals. Products with a overall height of/or more than 76 cm (30 ") need to be attached to a structural object such as concrete wall or steel column by steel bolts. For products with a weight of more than 100kg, it is recommended that the feet be fixed by steel bolts to the floor. In areas that are prone to earthquakes, or use inside aircraft and yachts, where they can be affected by turbulence or surges that cause horizontal or vertical displacement, please fix the product to the floor and wall with steel fixings;
  7. If the product is dropped or cracked accidentally, or if you find any visible or potential crack lines upon the surface do not use the product.The item should then be handled using an industrial glove, clean the item, wrap it and place in a safe place for storage;
  8. Warning: Please place movable products out of the reach of animals and children. You must treat our products with the upmost care “as you would a piece of glass that could break and shatter at any time”. When using the product you must handle with both hands;
  9. Warning: when TriaXtone's products are used as tableware and for serving ice cold food or drink please inform your child of the danger, which could be life-threatening if dropped;
  10. Please comply with the laws and safety regulations of your home country. When handling TriaXtone products use help for unpacking the product manually or use lifting machines according to the marked weight information, this will avoid damaging the product or causing personal injury. When unpacking furniture, or other interior/ exterior decoration items please put at least one long side of the crate against a reliable strong structural support and ensure that the crate leans against and into the support. This will carry the main weight of the product so that it will not slip or fall in the direction of people standing nearby.  All packaging removal and installation work must be under the guidance and assistance of an experienced stonemason.


The above warnings only list the common possibilities during unpacking and installation. We suggest you treat our products with the same care as you would with ordinary glass items. Any damage caused in handling or cleaning of the product is not Apexstone’s responsibility and solely the liability of the purchaser.

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