2019年起,TriaXtone系列产品的制造商Apexstone Amoy Marble and Granite与德国NanoFlex AG公司合作,购入此世界顶级技术的纳米硅基防护产品,为TriaXtone产品做安全的、食品接触级标准的防护。


增加NanoFlex AG涂层可以有效的为表面获取疏水(Hydrophobic /water repellent) 能力,便于您仅通过流水的冲洗而无需打磨擦拭即可使产品恢复清洁。


Since 2019, Apexstone Amoy Marble and Granite, the manufacturer of triaxtone series products, has cooperated with NanoFlex AG in Germany. We purchase the world's top technology nano silicon-based protection materials to apply on our products for food contact safe standard sealer.



the extra NanoFlex AG coating can effectively obtain the hydrophobic / water repellent ability for the surface, so that you can restore the product to be clean only by flushing with water without grinding or wiping.


了解更多有关食品接触级防水剂NanoFlex AG,请阅读三、食品接触级防护(链接)

To learn more about NanoFlex AG, please also read FOOD CONTACT SAFE SEALER

The limitation of technology - please follow our Guide of maintenance and cautions to achieve LIFETIME QUALITY ASSURANCE for your TriaXtone products.


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