Food Contact Safe Sealer

Food Contact Safe Sealer



Since 2019, Apexstone Amoy Marble and Granite, the manufacturer of TriaXtone products, have cooperated with NanoCare Deutschland AG based in Germany. We purchase the worlds top protection technology, nano silicon-based materials,  NanoFlex AG to apply to our products a standard sealer against food contact.


Due to material characteristics or a products complex shape the sealer NanoFlex AG cannot be used as an alternative layer for STAINLESS MARBLE

The difference between the two sealers are as follows:

FOOD CONTACT SAFE SEALER cannot completely resist stains, nor can it prevent corrosion by acid substances, such as lemon juice, wine or vinegar. It, however, plays a role in delaying there penetration, leaving time for you to clean up any spills. STAINLESS MARBLE can completely prevent the infiltration and corrosion of pollutants into the marble.

Please pay attention to the information displayed on our products during your selection. 


NanoFlex AG cannot completely prevent stains and corrosion, therefore why do we use such expensive materials on TriaxTone products?

First of all, STAINLESS MARBLE products that have the anti-corrosion treatment, the extra NanoFlex AG coating can effectively have a hydrophobic / water repellent ability to the surface. You can easily restore the finish of the product by flushing with water, without the need to wipe or scrub.

Secondly, after years of investigation, compared with other sealers in the market, NanoFlex AG , has been certified by authoritative organizations using the highest level of safety standards against extreme and stringent food contact without affecting the original texture of the marble. Other brands of sealer, may contain toxic substances within their manufacture, which are suitable for floor or wall marble applications that are not in contact directly with food.



Picture 1 / Video - water flushing to remove stains


The additional NanoFlex AG coating can effectively obtain the hydrophobic / water repellent ability for the surface. You can clean and restore the product by just flushing with water without the need to rub or wipe the surfaces 


请查看以下图片和产品说明书,了解NanoFlex AG为满足食品接触级的标准所获得的检测报告和认证证书。TRIAXTONE不仅为用户提供优美的产品,也致力于您使用的安全性。


Please refer to the Safety data sheet of Nanoflex AG   along with the Certificate of food safe contact  obtained by NanoCare Deutschland AG to prove it meets the standard of food contact level. TriaxTone not only provides our customers with beautiful products, but also ones that are safe to use, this is our commitment to you our customer.


food contact safe sealer for marble

 The Declaration form   issued by Chinese customs when we imported NanoFlex AG from NanoCare Deutschland AG.


    Please note that:          

    1. NanoFlex AGcannot prevent oil-based markers from adhering or marking the surface. Please keep these markers away from your product.
    2. For stubborn stains, that have been completely air dried, please wipe with 99% alcohol applied to a soft fibrecloth then wipe with soft wet cloth. Do not use hard materials such as steel wool, otherwise damage will be made to the surface layer making the protective ability invalid.
    3. The effect of NanoFlex AG  generally will last six months, then has to be re treated to restore its full lifetime quality assurance. Nanoflex AG can be purchased directly from Apexstone to apply to your product.

    The limitation of technology - please follow our Guide of maintenance and cautions to achieve LIFETIME QUALITY ASSURANCE for your TriaXtone products.

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