Marble is a very soft material, the hardness is only 2-3 of Mohs, sharp nails will generally leave scratches on the surface, which gradually makes the marble surface lose its beautiful shine and luster. Hotels and other commercial applications that are subject to “high levels of  traffic’ regular maintenance is required to regain the that high polish using professional machinery resulting in high renovation costs. Kitchen countertops and dining tables are also subject to damage and scratches from the impact of knives and tableware.


TriaXtone selects the most beautiful and luxurious stone and marble to apply the 7H ANTI-SCRATCH treatment, which protects it from the hazards of daily use.


The 7H ANTI-SCRATCH mark only refers to the product surface  to resist the 7h hardness in conventional test standards. That is to say, with the improvement of TriaXtone technology, the surface of the marble is similar to the scratch resistance of ordinary glass (Mohs 7) or quartz tops. The  scratch resistance is not able to resist scratches that are found in daily life from sharp iron tools or materials with Mohs hardness of 7 to 10 such as gravel, corundum and diamonds.


How do we achieve this anti-scratch treatment?

We apply to the surface a super thin layer of a silicon-based material, giving the material a scratch resistance similar to that of quartz. It also enhances and keeps the luster and mirror shine of the product.


Due to the characteristics of some of the materials used, or the products complex shapes, some cannot have an applied protective layer. Products not marked or labeled with 7H ANTI-SCRATCH, will not be protected from any scratch damage. Please pay attention to the information displayed on the label when purchasing our products. 


The limitation of technology - please follow our Guide of maintenance and cautions to achieve A LIFETIME QUALITY ASSURANCE for your TriaXtone product.

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