PDW's Brand New Silk 'VOYAGE'.

PDW's Brand New Silk 'VOYAGE'.

This is a totally new venture for Dutton White one of “Silk Haute Couture” under the new Luxury brand name “VOYAGE”. This is a brand that “evokes the golden age of luxury and travel in the present day”.

The history of silk within England goes back hundreds of years. The art of producing silk cloth reached France, Spain and Italy in the 12th century. The weaving of silk was introduced to England by Flemish refugees in the 16th century and established its self in northern England.
The town of Macclesfield in Cheshire became a centre and experienced the transition from market town to an industrial power house as a result of its successful silk industry. The first silk mill was established there in 1743 and textile manufacturing then dominated the town until the end of the nineteenth century. This extraordinary expansion was due to Macclesfield’s good transport links to other markets as many silk products travelled via the canal system to London. In addition, the river Bollin that ran through the town, provided power for the numerous mills and its water was soft enough for use in silk processing.

So it is wonderful to be associated with an industry that is steeped in history and one where generations have worked to create items of beauty and still do today.
Each silk item features paintings and designs by Phillip Dutton-White on his new canvas, one of “pure silk”.
“By using this new media I can explore the beauty of the natural material and use the pigments and dyes available to bring a new vibrant colour pallet to my new art form” plus “One that is linked with the history and beauty of Chinese silk and its artisans directly.

Each colour has been matched to the worldwide standard language for accurate colour communication “PANTONE COLOUR” so that the images printed are an exact representation of my original art.

Not only is this art a fashion item, one to be worn but can be framed and displayed on walls as a direct art piece.
A new artistic venture in one of the oldest most beautiful natural materials know to man SILK.

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