Cloisonne Sodalite

In the midst of the colorful array of natural marbles, the appearance of blue is extremely rare, much like Cloisonne Sodalite, serene yet captivating, a true rarity. This deep blue gem-like stone is enchanting, much like an endless ocean or a starry sky, filled with tranquility, beauty, and mystery, igniting people's desire for the

Cloisonne Sodalite, composed of sapphires and jade, exudes a rich and deep navy blue, precious and rare. This blue marble is hailed as a masterpiece in the world of stone materials, with each piece being a precious work of art, radiating opulence and

 Cloisonne Sodalite is a deep blue, polycrystalline stone with a chlorosilicate of sodium and aluminum. It typically occurs in nature in blocky, granular, or nodular forms and is exceedingly rare. Its mesmerizing gemstone-like blue is its most striking feature, captivating all who encounter


1. Flooring: Cloisonne Sodalite is undoubtedly a great choice for floor coverings, imagine different moments of light projection, coupled with the blue sea of Cloisonne Sodalite. In a variety of angles to the natural texture of Cloisonne Sodalite reflected out, transparent and bright. Such a dreamy ground that people can not help but want to "step on it, touch it".

2. Wall Decor: Like a deep sapphire, the Cloisonne Sodalite backdrop showcases this mysterious and connotative blue color in its purest form. In this deep bluish color, interspersed with high-toned gold color, like a precious gemstone, it attracts people's attention and is hard to ignore. This luxurious and elegant color is especially suitable for luxury hotels, villas and other upscale places.


Cloisonne Sodalite is undoubtedly the supreme choice in the blue marble series. Its transparent and eye-catching appearance can be appreciated from any angle, as if it can penetrate one's gaze, leaving a deep and lasting impression. It doesn't require extensive use; even subtle accents are enough to elevate the taste and style of the entire space. It's understated yet majestic, exuding both prestige and allure. With a gentle yet rich texture, it becomes a captivating focal point in any space.

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