The coffee table that has been ignored in decor Can be really cool

The coffee table that has been ignored in decor Can be really cool

The tea table, the supporting role of in the living room, is often ignored. Many people think it is the existence of chicken ribs. In fact, a small tea table can also have unlimited possibilities in design. In addition to its storage and storage functions, it can also be a unique art in the living room.
Today, I'll introduce you to a wave of minimalist and unique tea table designs.
The traditional tea table is too bulky and takes up a special space in the living room. Therefore, those small and functional extremely simple teas are favored by everyone. Look at some small and creative tea tables:
Nordic style
Marble coffee table
Geometric coffee table
Glass square coffee table
As a functional supporting role in the living room, the tea table should have both strength and appearance. But the question is, how to choose the tea table?
This article answers for you
Tips for choosing a coffee table
Size is a big problem to consider when choosing tea table. A suitable tea table should be a perfect fit with the sofa. Under normal circumstances, the length of the coffee table should be three-quarters of that of the sofa, the width should be conditioned according to the size of the space, and the height should not be higher than the armrest of the sofa.


However, it should be noted that a distance of 30 cm should be reserved between the coffee table and the sofa to facilitate walking.



The color of the tea table with different materials will be different, so when choosing the color, we need to consider the collocation with the sofa and the collocation of the overall space. Try to choose the tone consistent with the main reference. Of course, if you want to highlight the sense of spatial hierarchy, you can adjust the brightness of the color.

These tea tables with both strength and beauty have different forms. Placed in the living room, they are a unique art in themselves. In the living room of daily life, it brings unexpected fun to the living room.

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