What would your ideal dining table look like?

What would your ideal dining table look like?


In the traditional definition, the dining table is only ordinary furniture in the restaurant, but it has been given a new meaning in the current home decoration.
As the most ceremonial existence in the kitchen space, the dining table is not only a feast, but also a powerful tool to enhance the beauty of the space.
Today, I'd like to introduce some table styles with high appearance and style from the aspects of shape and material.





The round shape is a classic style in the dining table. The round curve is closer and warmer. The perfect radian can bring visual beauty, elegant and exemplary. The geometric curve with great affinity makes the space more warm.

Although the geometric shape of the ellipse is simple in design, it has a full sense of existence. The smooth and round lines outline the perfect radian and inadvertently exude unique charm, making the whole space more elegant.

The geometric shape of rectangle, with restraint and alienation, is more ceremonial in space. The square shape has flexible and beautiful lines. The minimalist design endows the dining table with a not simple soul.

The overall area of square dining table is small, which is mostly used in the space of small house type. Square shape, clear water caltrop, simple atmosphere and aesthetic feeling. Put two chairs, three meals and four seasons, and you can live your life in poetry.





Solid wood
With the use of solid wood materials, the desktop retains the original grain and color of wood, feels comfortable, and has a trace of retro and natural flavor. Solid design and simple modeling create a sense of tranquility and make people feel beautiful.

The countertop is made of natural marble materials, with unique texture and natural beauty, elegant and light luxury. The combination of solid wood and marble creates a new visual effect, which is both practical and beautiful.

The tabletop made of glass is crystal clear, with transparent beauty, circular geometric appearance and solid wood chairs, which adds a bit of unique artistic flavor to the space.




Card seat dining table
The card seat + dining table is a popular design nowadays. One side is the card seat set against the wall, and the other side is the standard table and chairs. It is conservative and rebellious. space atmosphere.

Wall mounted dining table
The design of this type of dining table is different from the traditional dining table. It sets a partition directly on the wall to extend a dining area. It is full of creativity and uniqueness. Small apartment options.

Bar table
Bar counters are most often found in open kitchens and are well-loved as a space-saving extension. The extension of a partition, matched with a unique bar stool, is a dining table full of style, which subverts the image of the traditional dining table without losing practicality.

Folding dining table
The multi-functional folding dining table is exclusive to small apartments. It can not only save space, but also meet various functional needs. Simple line design, easy to retract, switch at will, with the elegant texture of solid wood, style and beauty coexist.

Well-cooked food, having a table worthy of it, is the true love of life. Even a small table can carry the temperature of the entire home.

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