Sea Cucumber Marble Coffee Table

Sea Cucumber Marble Coffee Table

Naughty Little Thorny
What was your first impression when you saw this coffee table? Cute or mischievous?
This whole piece of Carrara white marble coffee table, which looks like a sea cucumber pattern, is definitely the most special existence in your home.
It's an organic sculpture made from imported Carrara white marble from Italy, finely carved by hand. Its shape is not a regular axisymmetric shape, but a lively and mischievous little thorny, like an unknown crawling creature in the depths of the sea, full of mystery and imagination.


The Design Concept of "Thorny"

From the beginning, our designers wanted to create something different. Most of the furnishings in homes are monotonous and predictable in layout. This is when the designer asked why coffee tables always have to be square and conventional. Thus, this "Thorny" coffee table was born.



It's a little rebellious, a little mischievous, but why not be a thorn in life? The concept that our designer imbued in the "Thorny" is: "Don't bow down to life, don't give up; being yourself is the protagonist of life." Unlike the previous works that created a single "living body," the life of this coffee table lies in its organic colors. Thanks to the characteristics of organic sculpture that simulate natural forms, this "Thorny" sea cucumber sculpture flows like a living thing, with inner emotions bursting forth.

The Artistic Value of the Little Thorny Design

Take a look at its smooth and round angles, playful and adorable. The natural decoration of marble veins is a masterpiece of art. The milky white marble veins are exceptionally beautiful, and the reflected angles are clear and transparent. This is all thanks to the natural decoration of our marble veins, which is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship. Unlike the simple two-dimensional prints found on surfaces, the patterns of natural stone have depth and a three-dimensional quality. This makes it come to life, every inch of it breathing with vitality and agility. With the addition of a whole piece of glass standing on the support foot of the sea cucumber, it seems to be suspended, generating interest from every angle that cannot be compared to anything else. This seamlessly integrated work of art not only has the practicality of a coffee table, but also brings indescribable visual pleasure to your eyes.

The seemingly calm and minimalistic coffee table actually evokes a desire to touch and feel it. This unknown marine creature, through artistic carving, presents a brand new vitality as if adding a small cute pet to your home, embellishing your home with a touch of loveliness and a rebellious color.
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