Roman column beauty representative: Ionic

Roman column beauty representative: Ionic

Ionic Order: This type of column is relatively slender, lighter and rich in exquisite carvings. 


The column is longer, the upper is thin and the lower is thick, but there is no arc,

and the column has deep grooves and is semicircular of The upper stigma consists of a decorative belt and two connected large circular scrolls located on it.


There is a direct lintel beam on the top of the scroll. In short, it gives a relaxed, lively, free and beautiful femininity.

The Greek Ionic column is characterized by its slenderness and beauty. The column has 24 grooves and a pair of downward scroll decorations on the capital of the column. The Ionic column is also called a female column. Due to its elegant and noble temperament, Ionic columns appeared widely in a large number of buildings in ancient Greece, such as the Temple of Athena Nike and Erechtheum in the Acropolis.


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