Modern Marble Style in the Oriental Context

Modern Marble Style in the Oriental Context

The context of Shanghai Oriental Modern style in an oriental context


You can't live without entering Sichuan, and you can't get out of Sichuan. Chengdu's landscape is unique, and its multi-culture has enriched the dimension of the city. WJID explores the context of Orientalism and starts a dialogue between the fresh and gorgeous Shanghai style and the elegant and timeless traditional culture.

The designer introduced the concept of "palace lanterns", inlaid with silk yarn between the wall lamp skeletons, hung in the hall in a large but light shape, which not only has the quaint palace system, but also adds a little modern lightness and transparency.

On the slender and tough frame, the broad lampshade lines are general and smooth. At the same time, the designer translates the arc of the wall lamp into the modeling language of the columns on both sides, making the whole space integrated.

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