Marble has radiation?

Marble has radiation?

As a very popular marble in decoration,
I did not expect to be crowned a "radiation" hat one day.
And this hat has affected his existence as a decoration stone, and even affected his full value.

Marble Radiation

Why do you say that?
Because marble pattern is good-looking, after burnish material is exquisite, so much like.
But there are a lot of people do not dare to use marble, ask a reason, a large part is that marble is radiation, will harm the body, so can not use it.
Marble feels very headache to this, mobile phone computer which have no radiation, how everybody still use?

Electron radiation

What is the most grievance of marble actually?
As natural stone material, how much is a bit of radiate, but this radiate is in after passing strict processing, be worth mentioning at all.
Radiation, as it's called, is completely nonexistent.
First of all, let's see how everyone thinks "marble has radiation" this problem.

Marble Radiation


Does natural marble have radiate?

Q:Want to decorate with natural marble, because look high-grade and give a  person luxuriant feeling, hear natural marble to have radiate however?
A:Dr. Zhu li, a professor at tsinghua university and an expert on radiation protection in China, said that as early as 1999, he had made a scientific interpretation of the theory when it came into being.
Natural marble is mainly composed of calcium carbonate, which is not directly related to radioactive elements.
From the formation process, natural marble is the original rock in the earth's crust, formed by the action of high temperature and pressure in the crust, there is no possibility of radioactivity.

Biography of Dr. Zhu Li

So, even if natural marble has radiation, it is insignificant, like the soil at the foot of the door, also has radiation.
Moreover, the marble that can be used for interior decoration or other stone material, also pass strict standard for certain, those who do not accord with a standard are not allowed to be used.

Radiation theory of stone

The physical world contains radioactive material almost everywhere, including soil, air, water and the human body itself. According to the introduction of global stone technology experts, stone is taken in nature, radioactive material is positive, normal. Stone material radioactivity basically is to point to the radioactive material that the radium, thorium, potassium 3 kinds of radioactive element that contains in stone material are produced in decay, basically be "radon" gas.
According to the classification control standard of radiation protection of natural stone products issued by the national building materials bureau in 1993, 80% of the stone samples belong to class A stone that can be used in any occasion.
Natural stone is often mistaken for indoor only "pollution source" and was removed.
In fact, radon emitted from the ground soil is also one of the main sources of indoor radon concentration, so the content of radon in the basement of bungalows, buildings and semi-underground rooms is relatively high. The amount of radioactive material in wall bricks fired with cinders is sometimes higher than that of some granite. Still have the coating that is used in indoor decoration, in decorating material, release formaldehyde and benzene kind to human body harm is very big also.

Radiation sign


Marble radiative substance causes cancer?

Q:Heard that marble radiation is very small, basically no radiation. But someone says again, although radiation is not big, the substance of radiation can cause cancer however, is it very dangerous to stay together with marble for a long time?
A:Why is it that marble radiation causes cancer?
Because marble produces a colorless, odorless gas called Radon.
According to the world health organization, Rn is the second largest carcinogen after smoking in lung cancer.
This is not unavoidably let a person worry, if the home is installed marble, every day breathing radon can not cause cancer?
This is not true.

Marble has no radiation

First let's look at how radon gas is produced?

1.Plutonium precipitated from building materials
2.Plutonium precipitated from the foundation soil
3.due to ventilation from the outdoor air into the room
4.Tritium released from water supply and natural gas used for heating and kitchen equipment

Therefore, it is not that radon is produced by marble radiation, but radon can be produced by any house.
This view is wrong, because even the foundation soil may precipitate radon. Doesn't everyone need soil to build a house for decoration?

Colorless and tasteless

So everyone should keep in mind that the production standards of marble are all within the safety scope of the State Environmental Protection Administration, so you can use it with confidence.
Marble radiation is generally below 13 μGy / h. In the environmental monitoring data, you will find that the radiation does not need to consider the hazard when the radiation is below 20μGy / h (microGray per hour).
The harm is negligible, let alone carcinogenic.


Artificial marble / tile without radiation?

Q:Since natural marble has radiate, that I choose artificial marble. Artificial marble and marble ceramic tile are not pure natural, manual did not have radiate?
A:A lot of people feel natural marble has radiate, and man-made marble is relatively safe do not have radiate, so a lot of people are in between natural and man-made, chose man-made marble.
So is this really the case?

Marble tile

The reason why natural marble is natural, because from waste material to plank, it is pure natural, carry on soak to grind flat cut at most, do certain protection next, its essence still is pure natural material form.
The faux marble is filled with partial marble, or granite, and the binder is a mixture of cement, gypsum and unsaturated polyester resin, which is mixed to form the material.

cementplasterpolyester resin

As more materials are added, there is also a high possibility of high radioactivity and harmful gases.
When buying artificial marble, it is important to remember that you should ask the merchant for relevant indicators.
For the overall assessment of indoor hazardous substances, we must find regular institutions that have the "CMA National Radiological Analysis and Testing Qualification Certificate" issued by the State Technical Supervision Bureau and the "Environmental Impact Assessment Grade A Certificate" issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration.

Test Report

So it is not to say that artificial marble has no radiation. Generally speaking, whether artificial marble has radiation has to be tested, because the material contains more than natural, and it is more likely to contain radiation.
The same goes for marble tiles.

Marble tiles

In summary, the radiation of marble and the release of formaldehyde are actually the same.
Although they are all contaminated substances, they are controllable. It also has a premise when it harms the human body, which is to reach a certain amount.
This is like smoking a cigarette once in your lifetime, it will not cause great harm to your lungs; but if you smoke three packs of cigarettes a day, there is no one who does not smoke for 365 days a year, then your lungs are very There may be problems.


Not only marble has radiation, the air we breathe, the sun, and the cell phones we play all have radiation.
We need to scientifically recognize that if the materials that can be used in the designated decoration place must be qualified products that can be used. And anything that has radiation needs to reach a certain amount to harm the human body.


Therefore, please use marble at ease, but it should be noted that the marble in the living room is best to choose A, and each species should have a corresponding marble radiation inspection report.
Find out where your marble is going to be used, and then check the relevant inspection report.
That's right.

Marble radiation survey report

Popularization of small knowledge

1.Radiation of natural marble: light white marble <yellow marble <off-white marble <granite <black marble <gray black marble
Radiation Degree of Synthetic Marble: Pattern Marble <Miscellaneous White Marble <Pure White Marble <Black Marble

2.In "Classification Control Standard for Radioactive Protection of Natural Stone Products" (JC518-1993), natural stone is classified into three categories according to the specific activity of radioactivity:
Class A products: also meet CeRa≤, CRa≤,
The scope of use is unlimited.
Class B products: At the same time, CeRa≤, CRa≤,
Not for interior finishes, it can be used for all other building interior and exterior finishes.
Class C products: Only meet CeRa≤,
Can be used for the exterior finish of all other buildings.

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