Marble decorative space - different magnificent and beautiful feeling

Marble decorative space - different magnificent and beautiful feeling

1: The living room, as the center of the public area, forms a very warm and comfortable area for communication and interaction through the placement of shapes and the choice of materials.

2: The kitchen is an important form of expression of exquisite life. The kitchen center island is dominated by gray marble, and the kitchen cabinets are presented in gold and wood colors, and the display cabinets are embellished through the rough texture and lighting, so that the color can achieve the effect of finishing the picture.

3: White marble as the TV background wall with plasterboard makes it simple, bright and comfortable. The living room is beautifully decorated with both lamps, wallpaper and sofa, and the whole space is filled with a flamboyant and luxurious atmosphere.

4: The design of the bathroom is mainly dark in color, with a more elegant European chandelier, vintage tile design method, and some hard stone, which makes the bathroom look very gorgeous with its atmosphere and three-dimensionality.
5: The bedroom, on the other hand, has a comfortable off-white color as the main color, and the soft and relaxing feeling makes your sleep more quality.

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