Ice Jade Marble

Ice Jade Marble

Ice Jade Marble, a natural stone originating from Yunnan, China, is regarded as one of the rare domestically-produced luxury stones. It features a jade-like quality and is predominantly characterized by black, white, and green hues. These three colors seamlessly meld on the surface of Ice Jade Marble, as if nature's own brushstrokes interweave to outline intricate and ever-changing patterns.
The profound black and pure white, accentuated by touches of green, create a unique and harmonious aesthetic. Its color shifts resemble wisps of smoke rising in the mountains, transforming with changing light, immersing individuals in an ethereal forest realm.
The essence of Ice Jade Marble lies in its tranquility and subtlety, its steadfastness and unadorned nature. Simultaneously, it exudes a captivating quality akin to jade and radiates an air of noble mystique inherent in nature. Since the introduction of Ice Jade Marble to the market, it has garnered appreciation from consumers both domestically and internationally, gaining popularity across various luxurious interior design styles.
  • Applications in Interior Decoration and Building: 

  1. Flooring: Ice Jade Marble can be utilized for flooring installation, creating an atmosphere that is both elegant and distinctive. Its gray-white-green tones and jade-like texture naturally infuse indoor spaces with warmth. Whether it's a luxurious residence, a hotel lobby, or a commercial area, Ice Jade Marble flooring adds a touch of noble splendor to the space.


  1. Wall Decor: Incorporating Ice Jade Marble into wall decor can result in a unique visual impact. Its distinctive patterns bring walls to life and captivate attention. Using it on indoor walls, partitions, and bar counters introduces a unique and captivating decorative element to the space.


  1. Countertops and Washbasins: The hardness and texture of Ice Jade Marble make it an ideal choice for crafting countertops and washbasins. Its durability and sophisticated appearance enhance not only practicality but also add an aesthetic touch to areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.Whether it's kitchen countertops, bathroom washbasins, or restaurant bar counters, Ice Jade Marble has the ability to bestow upon the space an air of elegance and uniqueness.

Every piece of Ice Jade Marble is a work of art crafted by nature, and each pattern resembles the imprints of time. It's not merely a decorative material but also a projection of emotions. Adorning interior spaces with Ice Jade Marble can bring forth a unique beauty and inspiration, as if it's a splendid gift bestowed upon humanity by Mother Nature.

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