Glacier Waterfall Marble

Glacier Waterfall Marble

Glacier Waterfall Marble is a type of marble originating from the Guangxi in China. It is well-known for its snow-white surface and patterns that resemble the serene beauty of mountain landscapes and misty clouds. This marble exhibits a high level of gloss and an elegant appearance. Moreover, its affordable price makes it highly popular for interior decoration and design.

The unique geological environment and characteristics of Guangxi contribute to the distinctive appearance of Glacier Waterfall Marble. The marble quarries are located in the scenic city of Hezhou, which possesses the largest Hanbaiyu (white marble) resources in South China. According to geological surveys, the reserves of Glacier Waterfall Marble are estimated to be approximately 2.6 billion cubic meters, making it one of the rare large-scale marble mines in the country and the largest reserve of white marble in China. 

The fresh and bright white color of Glacier Waterfall Marble can create a bright and open atmosphere in any interior space. Its smooth surface and natural luster provide excellent visual effects, allowing any light to refract through it, presenting a translucent texture and adding a sense of nature and brightness to the space. 

  • Applications in Interior Decoration and Building:

Firstly, Glacier Waterfall Marble is commonly used for interior wall cladding, creating a clean and bright ambiance. Its uniform texture and white color can complement various design and decor styles, showcasing an elegant and exquisite effect from traditional to modern. The white surface maximizes the reflection of sunlight, enhancing natural lighting in the interior.


In China, the concept of "leaving white space" represents a unique aesthetic expression of space and artistic conception. Therefore, the pure surface and beautiful delicate patterns of Glacier Waterfall Marble make it an ideal choice for interior floor paving. It can be used in areas such as living rooms, dining rooms, lobbies, and corridors, bringing a bright and subtle atmosphere to the space.

Furthermore, Glacier Waterfall Marble is also commonly used for countertops, sinks, and bathroom decor. Its smooth surface and water-resistant properties make it an ideal choice, while providing a refreshing and elegant feel to kitchens and bathrooms.

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Glacier Waterfall Marble is widely popular due to its pure white color, uniform texture, cost-effective price, and versatile application capabilities. From floor paving to wall cladding, from countertops to bathroom decor, it showcases its beauty and functionality. It can create an elegant and exquisite ambiance for interior spaces, harmonizing with other decorative elements and styles.

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