Do you know what rocks the five mountains of China are made of?

Do you know what rocks the five mountains of China are made of?

The word "rock" is composed of mountain and stone

When it comes to mountains, the Five Mountains are inseparable in China

Which rocks are the five mountains made of?

Eastern Mount Tai

Mount Tai is the "top of the five mountains"

From Qin Shi Huang to Qing Dynasty

There are 13 generations of emperors who visited Mt.

There are also 24 emperors who sent officials to worship 72 times.

 The rocks that make up the main body of Tarzan are the "Tarzan Miscellaneous Rocks"

It is composed of Taiyan metamorphic system and a large number of late Taiyan intrusive miscellaneous rocks

Mainly mixed rocks, mixed granites and various gneisses

About 2-2.5 billion years old

Some zircons found in the main peak Yuhuangding are the oldest rocks in Taishan

About 3.7 billion years old

The current landscape of Taishan was formed about 30 million years ago

It is still uplifting at a rate of 0.5 mm/year

▲ Xiyue Huashan ▲

Mount Hua is the birthplace of Chinese civilization

"The name "China" and "Huaxia" originates from Mt.

The highest elevation of the five mountains (2154m)

It is 15 kilometers long from east to west and 10 kilometers wide from north to south

Mount Hua is also the most dangerous of the Five Mountains


Huashan is a huge block of granite

The top of Huashan is a coarse-grained (5 mm in size) porphyritic granite

The middle part is medium-grained (2-5 mm in size) granite and gneissic granite

The oldest rocks of Mount Huashan are about 600-1 billion years old

70 million years ago, the bedrock of Huashan was exposed

The current landform was formed about 2-3 million years ago 


▲ North Mount Everest ▲

Mount Heng Shan ranks second in elevation among the five mountains (2016m)

24 emperors have been here and 13 emperors have fought here


The rock layer of the main peak area of Heng Shan is ancient Cambrian Ordovician limestone

formed 500 million years ago

Other ancient metamorphic rocks, quartzite, quartz schist, etc.

Mt. Everest has been formed for 2.8 billion years

Repeated uplifting and subsidence, winding and bumpy

The current landscape of Mount Everest was formed 2.6 million years ago

▲ Zhong Yue Song Mountain ▲

The mountain has been continuously and completely exposed for about 3.6 billion years

of the past five geologic periods: the Tertiary, the Proterozoic, the Paleozoic, the Mesozoic and the Cenozoic.

The stratigraphy of five geological history periods

The stratigraphic sequence is clear and the tectonic traces are typical.

It is called "five generations together" by the geological community

In fact, it is a complete stone book of earth history

When the land of China was still a sea

Mt. Songshan emerged

Mt. Songsan is the "ancestor of all mountains"

The main rock of Mt. Song is quartzite

It was formed 1.8 billion years ago

The oldest rocks are the granite greenstone system

Metamorphosed by crustal movement to form a gneiss base

The base is overlain by quartzite

Mt. Songshan was formed six times as land and six times as sea

Started with ocean and ended with land

The current geomorphology of Mt.

It was the first of the five mountains to take shape

Since about 60 million years ago

Nanyue Mountain rose to receive weathering

A red weathered crust of thick granite was formed

The mountains of Nanyue have been rising and weathering again

The mountains have become even more majestic, and the landforms are in many different forms

The current landscape of Nanyue was formed 60 million years ago

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