Centennial brand stone fusion

Centennial brand stone fusion


When stone is one of the oldest materials in the world, someone always tries to make something new out of it.

BCXSY, founded in 2007 by designers Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto, has joined forces with Laboratorio Morseletto, a century-old stone brand from Vicenza, to create a furniture collection called "BICOLORE".
The collection combines the natural yellows and grays of Vicenza stone and allows the richness of the surface to complement the minimalist design. The collection includes a bench, a bar cabinet and a low table.

The contrasting warm and cool tones of yellow and gray create a perfect balance in the pieces. Each piece showcases the natural bonding edges between the colors, allowing one to see a subtle picture of the different rocks as they come together. Stunning arrays of tiny material embedded in the surface of the stone can be seen, a reflection of the stone's ancient presence. By utilizing this raw material, this Schiele produces a subtle and rich expression of materiality.


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