Shakespeare Flashing Marble

Shakespeare Flashing Marble

 Shakespeare Flashing Marble is a dark brown marble with golden flashing through top to bottom.


Stone: Shakespeare Flashing Marble

It is mainly used in the buildings with high requirements of architectural decoration level, such as decorative materials for indoor walls, columns, floors, etc. of large public buildings such as memorial buildings, hotels, exhibition halls, cinemas, shopping malls, libraries, airports, stations, etc., and can also be used for stair railing, service desk, door face, wainscot, windowsill board, skirting board, etc
It is an extremely mysterious and contradictory color language
It's a classic that never ends, and it's also a fantastic foil
It interprets the good things and contains all the evils

Saran King's design inspiration comes from
The shimmering of the sunset on the lake,
The black page is interspersed with gold irregular lines,
In addition to a deep sense of space,
One more romance Black, a symbol of mystery and solemnity. However, in the context of interior spaces, pure black can sometimes feel overly somber and oppressive. But when black is infused with chaotic and disorderly fissures, it takes on a fresh ambiance, and this is precisely the charm of Shakespeare Flashing Marble. With its dynamic patterns, Shakespeare Flashing Marble breathes new life into spaces.

Shakespeare Flashing Marble not only embodies mystery and solemnity but also creates a natural and grandiose spatial style. In the darkness, the interplay of light and black is truly breathtaking. 
The interweaving of gold and black forms a splendid color palette, with the color's transformations appearing enchanting in natural light. This magical play of light and shadow makes interior spaces more fantastical and eye-catching.
This marble isn't just a combination of colors and textures; it's an expression of emotion, a manifestation of taste. The pure base tone of Shakespeare Flashing Marble harmonizes beautifully with its lively patterns, creating a natural yet distinctive spatial style. It's a symbol of taste, the soul of a space, and a magnificent performance about light and shadow, color, and tone.


  • Applications in Interior Decoration and Building: 

1. Flooring: Shakespeare Flashing Marble flooring is an excellent choice for ground surface, especially in high-end residences, hotel lobbies, commercial office buildings, and luxury brand stores. Its deep and luxurious colors, along with its glossy surface, add a sense of nobility to the flooring.

2. Wall Decor: Shakespeare Flashing Marble can be used for wall decorations, especially suitable for meeting rooms, banquet halls, lobbies, and upscale restaurants. Its visual impact is truly captivating, adding a luxurious and distinctive atmosphere to the space.


In summary, Shakespeare Flashing Marble, with its classic and straight golden veins, perfectly showcases the natural beauty of marble. Its sparse and elegant lines bid farewell to clutter and complexity, making the interior space both versatile and elegantly simple. 

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