Picasso Marble

Picasso Marble

His brush flows across the stretched linen surface. Images from his mind to tantalise and disturb us.

Picasso Marble is a natural luxury stone that opens up imaginative spaces. Its patterns resemble Picasso's surrealistic paintings, inviting the mind to wander, transcending dreams and reality, allowing us to meander between the fantastical and the tangible. Picasso Marble elegantly combines pale brown and distinctive stone patterns, delineating a unique sense of grace with minimalistic and airy patterns. It not only inherits the beauty of natural stone but also sparks limitless imagination. Its natural flow, with soft halos, seems to depict a vivid and lifelike scene upon the stone.

This precious marble hails from Italy and boasts unique and ever-changing patterns. Its pale brown and yellow patterns echo the hues of the earth, conveying rustic beauty and a sense of untamed freedom. The intricate patterns are like the art of nature, creating an ambiance of fashion and grandeur.

  • Wall Decoration

Natural marble, cleverly polished and skillfully combined, resembles a Picasso painting, presenting boundless and delightful imaginings. It is used for decorating accent walls, bringing a natural style and artistic ambiance to living rooms and bedrooms, adding a touch of elegance to the space.


The patterns of Picasso Marble are profound and varied, interweaving light yellows and tan arcs that undulate and flow, as if moving between reality and illusion. In a minimalist space, Picasso Marble's presence elevates the overall ambiance to a new level, infusing the space with a sense of flowing vitality.

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