Golden Empire Marble

Golden Empire Marble

Golden Empire Marble reminds people of the Empire of Alexander the Great. The yellow background with veins like cracks deliver a feelings of vintage. Looking at the marble, thinking of boundless sands, long camel team and the sounds of bells.



Golden Empire Marble Slab

Golden Empire Marble as floors in large area, retro style.

Gold has always been regarded as a symbol of the royal and noble class throughout Chinese history. When the luxurious and splendid gold is applied to modern architecture, it can also bring a unique experience of luxury.
Golden Empire Marble is characterized by its rich golden and light brown background color, accompanied by prominent veins and patterns in shades of beige and brown. These intricate vein patterns give the marble a unique and elegant look, adding depth and visual interest to any space.

Due to its aesthetic appeal and versatility, Golden Empire Marble is widely used in various architectural and design applications. It is commonly employed for flooring, wall cladding, countertops, and decorative accents in both residential and commercial settings. 

The warm and inviting hues of Golden Empire Marble create a sense of elegance and sophistication, making it a popular choice for creating luxurious decorations.

 Golden Empire Marble,  is a type of natural stone that is highly valued for its luxurious appearance and warm golden tones. It is a form of marble that originates from quarries in Türkiye.

Golden Empire Marble primarily consists of calcium carbonate, which is a common component of marble. It is formed through the geological process of crystallization under high temperatures and pressures in the Earth's crust. 

Golden Empire Marble has a wide range of applications in the field of architecture, and its unique characteristics make it a gem in architectural design.

Firstly, Golden Empire Marble is commonly used for flooring. Its golden tones and gorgeous veins make it an ideal choice for luxury residences, commercial buildings, and high-end hotel lobbies, reception areas, and corridors. Whether used for large floor areas or small mosaic designs, Golden Empire Marble adds a sense of luxury and warmth to the space. 

Secondly, Golden Empire Marble is often used for wall decoration. Its bright golden tones and unique veins bring visual depth and artistic flair to the walls. Whether covering an entire wall or accenting a specific area, Golden Empire Marble adds elements of luxury and elegance to the space, becoming a focal point that catches the eye.

Additionally, Golden Empire Marble is commonly used for details and focal points in facade decoration. Its gorgeous appearance and rich veins make it an ideal material for decorative elements such as countertops, columns, and sculptures. 

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Overall, the applications of Golden Empire Marble in architecture are extensive. Its golden tones, gorgeous veins, and noble temperament make it a gem in architecture, adding elements of luxury and elegance to the space. This antique natural marble can bring you a different visual feeling.

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