Forest Green Marble

Forest Green Marble

Verde Guatemala Indiano Marble, also named Forest Green Marble, is a marble with patterns of different greens, mainly dark ones. The veins make up a miniature of poetic interlacing branches. Are you curious about the adventure stories in the jungle?

Forest Green Marble is a type of marble characterized by a deep green color as its base, with light green stripes running through it. The intersecting stripes form patterns resembling branches, creating an impression of stepping into a jungle world. The intricate patterns, when illuminated by ambient light, appear vibrant and reminiscent of jade or precious stones.

Forest Green Marble is a variety of marble originating from India. It is extracted from underground mines and undergoes careful extraction and processing to showcase its beautiful colors and textures, brimming with vitality and energy. The Indian Forest Green Marble is renowned for its deep and full-bodied green color, resembling serene waves rolling in during a tranquil night.

This type of marble often displays rich textures and patterns, which enhance the visual allure and artistic value of Forest Green Marble, making it a focal point and highlight in interior design.

  • Applications in Interior Decoration and Building:

1. Countertops and Sinks: Forest Green Marble can be used to create kitchen and bathroom countertops and sinks. Its durability and water resistance make it an ideal choice, while its unique and refreshing green color and texture bring a natural beauty to the space. Imagine a vibrant green accent adorning the kitchen and bathroom, bringing a sense of renewed energy.

2. Dining sets:Forest Green Marble can also be used to make dining sets, such as coasters and trays.The gem-like texture of Forest Green Marble adds artistic and personalized elements to the room, creating a unique and exquisite interior design. It remains equally stunning and captivating in any lighting.

Interior Walls: Using Forest Green Marble as wall decor can bring a natural artistic ambiance to a room. Whether it's extensively used or selectively placed as accents, it creates a gem-like space that complements the soft furnishings, reducing the cold and rigid feel while highlighting its unique beauty. Its distinctive texture and color turn the walls into a visual focal point, enhancing the charm of the space.

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  • Forest Green Marble is a type of marble that leaves a lasting impression with its often abstract and leaf-like patterns. It not only evokes a sense of nature and organic beauty but also exudes a poetic and dreamy ambiance. The ever-changing textures create a unique and captivating visual effect, which is why Forest Green Marble is popular in interior decoration and architectural design.


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Twelve constellations as patterns. Both dynamic and interesting, encompassing the embodiment of traditional Chinese culture

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