Delta Green Marble

Delta Green Marble

Delta Green Marble is a mix color of green and blue marble with neutral grey background. It will be semi-transparent when cutting to thin slab less than 5mm.

The Delta Green Marble surface contains a magnificent blue hue, akin to the radiance of a sapphire, captivating the heart. The blue veins meander and twist on the surface, as if narrating the wonders of nature. The strong jade-like texture blends the grandeur of mountains and rivers into the space, bringing a touch of natural beauty to the surroundings.


Its crystal-clear and translucent jade texture emits a captivating charm. With every touch, it seems as though one can feel the gentle warmth of nature, creating an intimate connection with the natural world.


Furthermore, the Delta Green Marble showcases an array of varied patterns. From a distance, it resembles the splendor of majestic mountains and flowing rivers, displaying the magnificent beauty of nature. On closer inspection, it appears like dancing clouds in the blue sky, brimming with endless poetic inspiration and serenity.

Hence, this piece of Delta Green Marble is hailed as the "essence of jade, the crown of sapphire," a gift from Mother Nature that captivates the beholder, making it hard to avert one's gaze.


  • Applications in Interior Decoration and Building: 

1. Floor Decoration: The splendid appearance and noble temperament of Delta Green Marble make it an ideal choice for indoor flooring. Installing Delta Green Marble floors in places like the living room, dining room, and lobby can add a sense of luxury and elegance to the space.

2. Wall Decoration: The beautiful patterns of Delta Green Marble can also be used for wall decoration. The interplay of its blue patterns with natural light greatly enhances the artistic atmosphere and adds a touch of sophistication to the space. Its unique appearance and noble temperament elevate the architecture, exuding a sense of nobility and grandeur.

3. Countertops and Washbasins: Delta Green Marble is often used for kitchen countertops and washbasins due to its smooth texture and high durability. It not only provides a high-quality user experience but also infuses the kitchen and bathroom with a sense of delicacy and elegance.

In general, the application of Delta Green Marble in the field of architecture is extremely extensive. Its beautiful appearance, noble temperament, and versatile characteristics make it an irreplaceable gem among building materials. Whether in commercial buildings or high-end residences, Delta Green Marble bestows unique charm and taste upon the architecture.

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